proc to[T, U](a: T; b: U): HSlice[T, U] {...}{.inline.}
Alternate constructor for a .. b.   Source Edit
proc span[T, U: Ordinal](s: HSlice[T, U]): int {...}{.inline.}
Alias for system.len(s).   Source Edit
proc spans[T, U: Ordinal; V](s: HSlice[T, U]; x: V): int {...}{.inline.}
Alias for system.contains(s, x).   Source Edit
proc swap[T, U](s: HSlice[T, U]): HSlice[U, T] {...}{.inline.}
Returns b .. a when given a .. b.   Source Edit
proc sort[T](s: Slice[T]): Slice[T] {...}{.inline.}
Swaps boundaries of s if s.b < s.a.   Source Edit


iterator pairs[T, U](s: HSlice[T, U]): (int, auto)
Returns (int, typeof(s.items, typeOfIter)), where the first element of the tuple is the count of iterations before. Only needs an items iterator defined on s.   Source Edit